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Can you pronounce the 44 sounds of British English?

If you need help with these sounds, please keep reading ...

The Book

How Not To Say... Your guide to English pronunciation


To help you pronounce English sounds clearly


To help you identify what gives you a foreign accent

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Below is a playlist of 26 videos recorded by David Bauckham, a native voice teacher, to help you practise the sounds and words in the book.

A personal project and beyond ...


Hello, my name is Iciar.

I studied English growing up, but this study was focused on written English. In my early twenties I came to the UK to improve my English and complete my studies. Little did I know that I was to meet a charming young man on my very first day. Now, many years later, we are married with two wonderful children.

As for my English, my listening improved very quickly. However, my pronunciation didn’t. I tried everything, but nothing really worked. The breakthrough came when I visited a speech therapist. She told me that some of my native sounds were making me sound foreign in English. This gave me the idea of comparing how sounds are made. First, I compared the sounds of my own Spanish accent to a Standard British accent. Then, I extended the research to find out what sounds give international students a foreign accent and so this book was born.

I have written this book in simple English. Hope you find it useful, entertaining and easy to read.

Kind regards,


What people are saying

"Simple and clear explanations of improving pronunciation! Excellent."
Lucie, June 2017

"As a trained speech and language therapist, I really like this book. It identifies the common sound errors made by adults learning English as a second language. It helps the reader to workout if they are guilty of this error and then explains how they can try and self-correct themselves."
Emma, August 2017

Don't forget to buy the book!

It has hours of advice… written in simple English ;)